London -“Some Protesters Carried ‘Black Lives Matter’ Placards!”

If only Britain had a conservative government!

Then the police might have been authorised to use fire-arms and put a final stop to violent mayhem on London’s streets.



The riotous rabble with their spin-off racist banners, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ evoking the antics of savage counterparts in Canada…

Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”…and America…Booed By Racist Mob For Saying “White Lives Matter,” Democrat U-Turns ASAP 

….got off virtually scot-free, only one lout arrested.

No wonder they’re planning to stage another ‘protest’ today! .

But they could have been quelled with just a few volleys of live ammunition!


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In previous riots, London Police reportedly stood and watched while packs of savages wrecked shops and offices. The cops are no cowards, so who ordered them not to get stuck into the scum?

Did such high-level dereliction this recur this past week in Hackney?


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Have Theresa May and her Cabinet colleagues learned NOTHING from the nightmare riots that have afflicted London in recent years?



Was not May herself Home Secretary during the last orgy of violence, arson and vandalism?