Decent Brits,Tell Boris – Bring FCO Flunkeys To Heel!

Since when is it the job of the FCO to affront citizens of foreign countries where decent values still prevail?

I’m impelled to ask after reading last week’s bulletins from C4M.

  • The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) putting our diplomacy at risk: the FCO recently announced that over the last year 202 same-sex marriage ceremonies have been performed in British embassies and high commissions worldwide in countries which still adhere to traditional marriage.
  • By flouting the wishes of the people and governments of 12 countries including Australia, China, Cyprus, Japan, Mozambique and Vietnam, the FCO puts our bilateral relationships in peril at just the time when our diplomats are pursuing post-Brexit trade deals.
  • Coalition for Marriage


    C4M does a good job so deserves support.

  • ===============

  • But the Foreign Office is NOT doing a good job!

  • ……..
  • In fact, it’s quite appalling, but given Boris Johnson’s record of crawling to sexual maladjusts…

  • ===
  • …I suppose not surprising.

  • If you Brits back in the Old Country have time, you should make representations to your MP.

  • It’s bad enough that UK FCO flunkeys interfere in other countries internal affairs by acting as hand-maidens for the EUSSR’s ‘gay’ agenda…

  • Cameron’s ‘Gay Pride’ Imperialism – Britannia’s Shame 

  • ..but allowing formal ‘solemnisation’ of maladjust menages as if they were real marriages?