British INJUSTICE -This Pig Deserves Torment, Not Freedom!

Is there no end to the reign of decadence in the British legal system?

That’s the only possible conclusion one can draw from a headline in a UK local newspaper, concerning a vile and predatory pig who, in a healthy society, would surely have been put to death.


Telford sex gang ringleader Mubarek Ali set to be freed early

The pig, described as a ‘sex gang ringleader,’ was sentenced to 22 years for his role in one of the many ‘grooming gang’ networks established by predators of alien origin (apart from the pig and his brother, the evil gang convicted comprised Mohammed Ali Sultan, Tanveer Ahmed, Mohammed Islam Choudhrey, Mahroof Khan, and Mohammed Younis.



Vermin all, and all of Pakistani descent – there were credible reports that both police and social workers did not do all they could in some parts of the UK because they cowered from allegations of ‘racism.’

Rotherham’s Rats Rousted Out – But the Root of the Matter?


But Pig Mubarak is not going to serve 22 years.

He’s being released after barely 60 MONTHS.

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