Shariah Menace In Malaysia – But Freedom Fights On!

As July ends, time for a brief look at poor Malaysia, if only because we have not examined the situation there for quite some while!

Yet another on civil liberties by Islamist bigots, the notorious PAS party’s leader tabling  proposed law changes for harsher Shariah punishments…


Hadi’s private member’s Bill, which is raised in the form of a parliamentary motion, is listed as item number 10. — Picture by Yusof Mat Isa


Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang-  hereinafter referred to as Hadi – is eager to drag his country deeper into darkness.

And by God, it’s already mired in intolerance, as we’ve noted often before…

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Now there’s Hadi’s call to ‘increase the Shariah courts’ maximum sentencing limits to 30 years’ jail, RM100,000 fine and 100 strokes of the cane.’ 

Nothing wrong with tough punishments, but when you contemplate what constitutes ‘offences’ under shariah ‘law,’ you realise the magnitude of the iniquity Hadi proposes.

Holding hands with your girl-friend. Drinking a bottle of beer on a hot afternoon. Playing cards for a few cents.



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And don’t forget the evils of music and dance.




Now if the ‘clerics’ decree that ‘offenders’ may not enter their houses of worship, fair enough, and even if they stoop to threatening to refuse funeral rights to deceased kin of such ‘offenders’…

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…that’s as mean-spirited as it gets, but up to them.


However, how dare they claim the right to punish ‘miscreants’ as if their sectarian dogmas have the force of law?

The report leaves open the question of whether this ghastly motion will in fact reach a vote, due to a crowded legislative time-table

But it’s a timely reminder of how Malaysia, could end up in as benighted a situation as the Indonesian Province of Aceh, just across the straits, where primitive shariah law prevails…



…with cowardly masked brutes publicly flogging defenceless young women before  moronic rabbles of salivating savages.



However, on the bright side, there have been genuinely positive amendments proposed, not, of course, by Hadi, aiming to defend helpless kids from being coerced by an apostate parent.


The amendment would stop a Muslim convert from unilaterally converting children from a non-Muslim marriage to Islam.

So the forces of good are not giving in to the shariah fanatics.

Good luck to them.