On Swiss National Day, Arrogant Elitists Fretting!

It’s August 1st, Switzerland’s National Day, so greetings to all our Swiss readers!

After our recent post on how the EUSSR is threatening Swiss democracy…

NB Team Brexit! Brussels’ Swiss Lackeys War Down Democracy! 

…somebody sent me a link to a story which I seem to have missed last month.

How I missed it I don’t know, because it’s from The Leftal, sorry The Local, whose often biased output I often peruse.

It’s opening words are a stanza of hope.

The Swiss People’s Party (SVP) proposal to put Swiss law above international law would weaken Switzerland and threaten human rights…

Swiss government slams SVP’s self-determination initiative

Switzerland’s had a lot to put up with in recent years.

We’ve covered the obnoxious ingrates who migrated to the Alpine country and then told their hosts it was time to change their famous flag…Islamist Flag Demands Make Swiss – and Ross – Cross! …because it grated on their sectarian prejudices.


And then there was the case of that equally obnoxious backward brat!

Swiss School Panders To Sectarian Brats! 


And we have heard outrageous shrilling from the human rights agitprop gangs who fawn on undesirables, like the 19-year-old dual national who intended to join Isis, saying the SEM ( Swiss Migration Office) wanted to strip him of his Swiss nationality even though he hadn’t yet been convicted of any crime.


What kind of ‘rights’ nut-jobs would take up the case of such a vile slug and whine at his proposed exclusion?

Hasil gambar untuk shamnesty

Amnesty, of course!


So it’s high time ‘human rights’ was exposed for what it is – a slogan!

Civic rights, constitutional rights, democratic rights – no problem.

Those are part of the contract between government and the governed in civilised countries.

Abstract notions about some other kind of ‘rights,’ on the other hand, are an excuse for so-called ‘NGOs’ and un-elected tribunals and worse, external, supranational sticky-beaks like the ECHR, the EUSSR and…


UN Hypocrisy – Time To Stop Crawling To Sexist Primitives? 

…the rancid hypocrites who sit on that disgusting ‘UN Human Rights Council,’ to intrude on national sovereignty.

But the Swiss political in-crowd don’t see it that way!

They’re ranting and raving at the latest SVP popular initiative – which last year gathered enough signatures to put it to a referendum…

So what’s got the Federal Council’s left-liberal lederhosen in a twist?

Admirably entitled ‘Swiss Law Instead of Foreign Judges (Initiative for Self-Determination,’ the SVP (Swiss People’s Party) move is not complicated.

It’s the kind of law every patriot in every country should be proud to champion, calling for Switzerland to put Swiss law above international law and, if necessary, renegotiate or renounce international treaties it has signed, including the Convention on Human Rights.


How many Brits or Aussies, for that matter, would like to see their countries extricated from that damnable convention?

It was drawn up after WW2 but has been bastardised since, with notions of ‘rights’ that would have made the original signatories gasp.

When Britain signed up, for example, every school-child knew that if he or she stepped out of line the cane or the strap was within easy reach of their teacher.

Similarly with corporal punishment for criminals.

Similarly with capital punishment, banned yet no ban ever mentioned when the convention was formulated.

Same goes for that Refugee Convention, subject these days to wholesale deliberate misinterpretation by so-called ‘NGOs’ and all the vilest lawyer-lice to brandish at sensible governments.

But back to the report and the SVP’s case!

The patriot party asserts that the ‘elites’ consider international treaties to be more important than Swiss-made legislation…

Hasil gambar untuk svp swiss people's party


“The people and the cantons have, for example, approved the unilateral management of immigration and the expulsion of foreign criminals, but politicians refuse to apply these decisions, invoking international law…”

And that’s ABSOLUTELY true. The establishment parties have stabbed the people in the back! Read the linked post from last week at the top of our page.

The elite despise democracy.

Late last year the government decided not to fully implement an SVP-led anti-immigration initiative, approved by the public in a 2014 referendum, because it would contravene its free movement agreement with the EU.

So how does the elite feel on being told that referendum decisions should be t applied “without discussion and regardless of whether they please or do not please the ‘elites’ of federal Bern?”

 Unbelievably, the Federal RAT (German for ‘Council’) said the initiative “threatens the stability and loyalty of Switzerland…”


Democracy’s THAT dangerous?

 The leftist Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga, who has in the past actually shown some sense, is an exemplar of the hostility shown towards self-determination, and she singled out that foul ‘rights’ convention.


Simonetta Sommaruga


She finds it downright scary that a referendum, date yet to be determined, could allow the Swiss nation to define its own human rights.



 Is she seriously saying it’s simply absurd to trust Swiss men and women to determine their laws and customs via the ballot box…


…to do what’s best for their country without having to obtain approval from supranational court-cliques ready to cudgel them into line?

Well, yes, she is saying exactly that about the European Convention!

“…I think it’s absurd to talk about ending it,” she said.

In other words, she trusts a panel of robed aliens in Strasbourg to defend Swiss rights more than she trusts her own fellow-countrymen and women?

Oh, and here’s her take on the risk of mere voters deciding if and when a treaty has outlived its usefulness.


“A Switzerland that wants to sign an agreement with another country but who says ‘maybe one day we won’t want to do this, we’ll maybe want to renegotiate but we don’t know yet’ is no longer a loyal partner.”

She sounds like a UK Remoaner….once ye get in there, ye’ll never get out – as the old Ulster song about Purgatory goes!

This socialist harpy could not be more explicit on her commitment to supranationalism.

Once a country signs a treaty, it may NEVER reconsider if that treaty actually benefits its people?

If one government adheres to some convention, all subsequent governments are thereby bound in perpetuity?


Shove, it, Signorina!