Germany’s Biased DW Show-Cases Anti-Brexit Ulsterman

Just savouring my third morning coffee, with DW’s news in the background, and their biased coverage needs a mention.

In fact, their reporter was not unfair in his description of attitudes among the British majority there.

But WHY give somebody called Ian McLaughlin, described as a ‘Protestant community worker’ in the loyalist Shankill Road area of Belfast, a chance to emit a lengthy diatribe against Brexit.


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I’ve no doubt there are a few others like him, who voted for Brexit but has now changed his mind, but it is also likely true that there are plenty of people in the Shankill, and in Belfast, and all across Ulster…


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….who could have been given equal time to present all the good reasons why Ulster is more safely British OUTSIDE of Brussels’ baleful sphere.


As for McLaughlin, it seemed a good idea to check him out, and sure enough, he’s not your average Shankill man, appearing in a Youtube video to declare how ‘disappointed’ he was that the Eire tricolour was burned on Ulster’s annual bonfires!’



A fine bonfire ready to be lit!


  • Until Eire abandons its expansionist delusions about annexing Ulster, I can see nothing wrong with good loyal people showing what they think of those offensive imperialist ambitions.

  • But I see a LOT wrong with Deutsche Welle singling out an individual so unrepresentative of the British citizens there…. 


…and giving him an exceedingly undeserved five minutes of fame.

PS I was too idle to get up and switch channels, so all too soon had to listen to that far-left fool Ken Follett, ranting about how America’s fight for freedom in Vietnam was a ‘colonial war.’


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What a dork!

Follett was starring in a long turgid show about ‘protest songs’ which at one point included that famous picture of the little girl with napalm burns.


We wrote about her a couple of years ago.

Always Learning Something New! That Little VietnamGirlChose Freedom! 

No mention of her subsequent escape to the West, where she is today, and where she has given the lie to all the Hate America clap-trap from red lice like Follett, whose fiction-writing skills are adequate but whose politics are best categorised as ‘Sixties Nitwit.’