Meanwhile, Back In Bekasi, Mob Burns Mosque Thief!

Spare a thought today for M.A., who unwisely, so it’s said, resorted to theft in Bekasi, that unspeakable place I lived in for three long years.

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Bekasi  ‘The Patriot City!’


Identified only by his initials, this poor wretch allegedly stole three amplifier units from a mosque, and was spotted and pursued by ‘village residents.’

I’m not necessarily appalled by a bit of rough justice where vile thugs who engage in violence, rape and offences against children are concerned, but…

He fled the scene, throwing himself into a nearby river separating Suka Tenang and Muara Bakti village…as he reached Muara Bakti, other residents were waiting for him. They beat him before pouring gasoline over him and setting him on fire.


Gambar terkait

This is not a photo of the Bekasi incident but I imagine any person being burned to death looks much the same as this poor fellow


MA died at the scene. 

The report says nothing about whether any of the ‘village residents’ may face punishment for this grossly disproportionate act of reprisal.

“We must not commit vigilante attacks like this because Indonesia has laws to deal with crimes.

So said Bekasi’s Chief of Police.

But how many of the barbarous swine involved in other mayhem we’ve reported on, also in Bekasi…

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…have been apprehended and properly punished for outrageous mayhem?

If you allow one mob of uncivilised brutes violently to run amok, with apparent impunity…

– Christians Abused by Islamist Mob, Cops Fail to Enforce the Law 

…what else can one expect in the community concerned?