Wow! Afghanistan Needs A Million Aryanas!

Just woke a little while ago and, after two or three black coffees, and somewhat against my own better judgement, switched on France24 for the news – they have a bulletin every half hour, not hourly like most others.

Instead of the usual anti-Trump yammering, there was a beautiful young lady, being interviewed about her Paris concert.


Hasil gambar untuk aryana sayeed taliban


Aryana Sayeed is an Afghan chanteuse and has been subjected to abuse and intimidation by unpleasant Islamist bigots


For looking and behaving like a woman,rather than a shrouded drab!

After local numbskulls criticised the outfit she wore in France…


…she burned it, not to appease the kill-joy jerks, but, in her own words –

“It should be noted that the reason for this action of mine is not the pressure of those who still live in dark ages but to raise further awareness in regards to important issues within our society.”

Sadly, inevitably, she has to live abroad.


If only all women in Afghanistan looked like her!