A Warteg Contest? Wanna Win Perkedel Kentang?

I see that Now! Jakarta magazine is again holding its annual ‘best dining out’ competition, by which their readers can nominate restaurants, cafes, bars etc., which they consider the finest  in town.



I append below the link which takes you to it.


Even the simple act of entering gives you a chance to win a voucher, so why not?

But whilst there are an enormous range of categories, places offering Thai, Chinese, Italian etc, and of course Indonesian cuisine, and the range includes Live Music Venues, and Sports Bars, there appears to be no separate category of warungs/wartegs.



Those little eateries could, I suppose, be designated Indonesian restos, but they’re not, really. They’re in a class of their own!

More  to the point, they probably have more customers than all the other categories put together.

You can eat your fill of well-cooked and tasty local dishes…



 perkedel kentang, telor puyuh, tempe, tahu, pare and nasi putih –use Google to identify them for yourselves!


…for under Rp.20,000  – and that includes an iced tea!

So should I try to stage my own competition for this seemingly neglected but extremely popular group?

No, not me, because I’d need to nominate my own fave place, and then it would cease to be my sort of place, full of locals at lunchtime but a haven of peace and quiet where I can lounge in the arvo with a book, a cigarette and a Rp.3000 coffee, chatting idly to the owner and staff.

But some Indonesian blogger should consider the idea!