‘Kota Setan?’ Devil City In Java? Fanatics Fume Over Festival!

Well, how many of you, dear readers, paid attention to recent comments emanating from the FPI, the self-styled ‘Islam Defender Front?’

None of you, probably, if you live overseas!

But here in Indonesia, ever since President Jokowi chose to share a platform with Habib Rizieq, the FPI ‘High Priest,’ one is surely ill-advised to ignore their utterances, however bizarre.

Rizieq, on the left, Jokowi, on the right

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And they don’t come much more bizarre than the latest outburst from the white-shirt vigilante gang’s Purwakarta gauleiter, Muhammad Syahid Joban.


Hasil gambar untuk joban fpi purwakarta

FPI’s Syahid Joban


It’s not exactly the first time that Islamist fanatics have shown signs of stress over matters relating to that provincial city.

In 2011, a pack of sectarian louts went on a rampage of vandalism against various statues of legendary figures from the widely revered Ramayana pantheon… 



Then in 2015, they got their (presumably white) knickers in a right twist about massive resistance to their activities by decent Muslims, when Rizieq’s appearance there had to be protected by police.

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This time that geezer Syahid was in a tizzy, railing at the popular and entertaining local regent, Dedy Mulyadi, because of a festival in the West Java city.

“Never participate in the Jurig Festival,’ ranted Joban.



Hasil gambar untuk jurig purwakarta

Jurig parade


Well, it seems the cultural festival has been outrageously focusing on culture, not religion.

And one of the traditional carriages in the photo was allegedly used to bring a buffalo to a ‘polytheistic’ event. Joban was in the news last year, when he tweet-scolded Jokowi for having had the carriage to the National Palace!


Now the indefatigable extremist is yelping on the same cultural festival, again!

‘Religion comes first, then culture, not the other way about!’  



Like, uh, why, we might be tempted to ask again!

But not, perhaps, if we read the Viva.com article all the way through.

It becomes clear that the white-shirts are still harping on their grudge against Dedy Mulyadi…

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…which we’ve noted in the past!

The fanatics reckon Dedy nurtures hopes of becoming West Java’s Governor!

‘Don’t ever let that happen!’ says the Gauleiter, who wound up the rant by warning his fans not to fool around when it came time to choose regional leaders.

“Otherwise, Purwakarta will become a ‘Devil City!'”


Ooooh! Scary!


Such a transformation might promote a different brand of tourism from that our in-coming Jakarta Administration is said to be contemplating.  

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