Antifa Red Nazis Don True Colours – Just Watch ‘Em!

Another example of the hated and intolerance spiralling all across America…



….and this time the Antifa louts/loutesses, whom we often describe as Red Nazis actually donned the very uniforms of their 1930s soul-mates, Hitler’s NSDAP Brown-Shirts!


Hasil gambar untuk coulter nazis

One can easily imagine her working in Mengele’s labs.


The occasion was a discussion in Pasadena, California, about “Censorship on Campus.”

Eminent patriot Ann Coulter was on the panel, but before she could get in a word, two protestors dressed as Nazis started shouting her down in an effort to silence her.



That mouthy ‘heiling’ bint and her somewhat androgynous comrade certainly did their best to live up to the traditions of the totalitarian jack-boot ideology whose uniforms they wore.

The unpleasant-looking woman ( she rather reminded me of an overweight version of the moody teen Enid in The Walking Dead) and her companion were eventually removed.

But they are hardly the only Un-American louts and loutesses out to stomp free speech in the USA.

Watch their infantile antics via this link which carries a more detailed report on the debate too!