Google – Feminist Banshees Wail For Dissenter’s Doom!

I should, as a prelude to this post, explain to my many Indonesian readers that the word ‘banshee’ in the headline refers to a legendary Irish female spectre, whose nocturnal howls warn of imminent doom to those who hear her.

In Indonesia, by way of contrast, the word banci (same pronunciation) refers to a cross-dressing freak…


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…often engaged in what is these days known as commercial sex!

Neither of those are what one hopes to encounter after dark, though I personally would abhor contact with a wannabe Democrat legislator named Brianna Wu as much as with either a banshee or a banci!

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Brianna Wu

Conservative at Google writes sexist manifesto demanding end to inclusion of women and PoC. 

Who’s getting fired?


She’s the ghastly Trumpophobic feminoid…

‘She Fought the Alt-Right and Won,’ she boasts on her political platform

….the implication of whose tweet, above, seems to be a demand that Google hunt down and dismiss one of its employees who dared issue a manifesto of dissent to the company’s ridiculous ‘diversity’ programme.

Or am I being unfair?

Perhaps she’s woken up to the iniquity of ‘diversity’ drivel and is asking which of those who got unfair advancement on grounds of race or sex by means of ‘affirmative action’ should be first in line for firing?

Possibly not!



Brianna’s one of those left-libs who delight in their use of pinko lingo – PoC apparently means coloured people!

Another creepy witch-huntress is also named in the Guardian. Comrade Jaana Dogan, a programmer at Google…


Jaana B. Dogan 👀


tweeted that she was “shaking in anger,” adding that if no action was taken by HR, she would consider leaving the company.



Well, good riddance to witch-huntresses!

But I wonder.

Will she do more than ‘consider,’ much like the celeb-subversives who said they’d be ‘moving to Canada’ if Donald Trump won, but who are still living in American luxury while prattling on behalf of the down-trodden.

Let’s be serious.

For any business to operate a ‘diversity’ programme is an insult to smart and ambitious women and coloured people. It suggests that, without the ‘programme,’ such individuals won’t make it.

Of course any owner of any enterprise should be free to discriminate as he or she sees fit. It’s his ( or her) company, after all.

Having said that, if I had a business, I would hire the candidates who seemed most likely to do the best job.

If forced to choose between two candidates of approximately equal ability, I admit I’d choose a cute chick over a bloke.


Ideal secretary?


Especially here in Indonesia, where the women are famously beautiful. Why not enjoy a visually pleasing work-place?

Just for the record, in no imaginable circumstances would I hire a banci/tranny!

But Google?

Will they institute a ‘search and destroy’ operation against the dissenter, to oblige the mean-spirited witch-hunting faction?


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Well, we saw only this past weekend what kind of far-left bigotry exists in its upper echelons.



I’d not be surprised if the hunt for the brave samizdat conservative will be intensified due to one small section of his (or her?) manifesto – I quote from the Guardian again.

Google’s perceived political leanings also came under fire, with the author arguing that those with conservative views currently have to “stay in the closet” to dodge open hostility.


“When it comes to diversity and inclusion, Google’s left bias has created a politically correct monoculture that maintains its hold by shaming dissenters into silence….”


….the author writes, adding that “conservatives tend to be higher in conscientiousness, which is required for much of the drudgery and maintenance work characteristic of a mature company.”

Canadians especially should take note of this, and give serious thought to helping out Ezra Levant  – 

Google/YouTube Gestapoids Target The Rebel – Fight Back!

 – as he faces vicious oppression at the hands of Google’s politburo at YouTube.