Dunkirk in Jakarta! If You Ain’t Seen It Yet, Go Today!

After a weekend marked more by inertia than anything else, I decided yesterday to go into town early and heed a powerful recommendation from somebody whose judgement I trust.

‘You’d love it,’ she had said!


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And besides, Monday is a cheap ticket day at Jakarta cinemas.

So into Plaza Indonesia I wandered, and paid Rp.50,000 ( AUD $5) and soon found myself one of less than half a dozen people seated in the very comfortable cinema on the 6th floor of the fancy mall.


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Dunkirk is one of the best movies I’ve seen in AGES!

I’m no expert in cinematography, but the filming of the aerial battle, as brave RAF pilots ( family connection for me there! ) endeavoured to save the British ships from German attack was captivating.

And the human stories, especially that of a father and son and their young friend on one little pleasure boat…


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…engaged in the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of soldiers from a previously little-known town on the French shore, were moving beyond words.

Not least the final scenes, the British people’s heart-warming welcome to the rescued, some of whom had feared that they’d be ‘spat on in the streets’ for their failure to hold on in France…


Hasil gambar untuk dunkirk film welcome home

True Brits!


Cheered by crowds along the railway line!

Such a stark contrast to the prosecutions launched against splendid members of the UK armed services who shot our enemies in Ulster, and to the insults heaped on America’s Vietnam heroes on their return, after their betrayal by the college creeps and rotten media.

Yes, of course, the patriotism was a key part of its appeal for me, such a treat to have a ‘war movie’ untainted by the cess-pool politics of modern Hollywood’s ruling class!

But even just as a straightforward drama, from anyone’s perspective, it’s great.

Go see it!

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