Good for Gab! Google’s Witch-Hunt Victim Gets New Job

Good for Gab, indeed, a social network which promptly announced they want to offer a job to the victim of Google’s red nazi management.

James Damore deserves all the help decent people can provide.


That news comes from, of all places, the left-lib UK newspaper, The Guardian –

‘There was a witch-hunt’: Silicon Valley conservatives decry Google groupthink

After a Google employee was fired for penning a controversial ‘anti-diversity’ manifesto, conservatives say it proves Silicon Valley is a liberal echo chamber 

– in an article which includes a surprisingly fair report about the rancid intolerance practised by the hypocrites who run a ‘diversity’ regime yet constantly war down dissent.



Unfortunately, The Guardian reverts to its normal style with another article…–

…which really plumbs the depths of gutter journalism…


Damore’s former Harvard class-mate


…including quotes from an anonymous (of course!) slimy cur who claims to be a former Harvard class-mate .

 Damore’s views, the source said, made him an outlier in the department, which values diversity.

“It’s pretty unusual someone would have those opinions and be stupid enough to voice them,” the former classmate said. 

My God, what an arrogant little turd!

And so much stupidity mingling with that arrogance, insults devoid of logical consistency!



If a college department values diversity, how can it possibly countenance an atmosphere wherein it is unwise to express views at odds with the in-crowd.  Academic freedom? Scientific method?

Drop dead, creepoid!

Next time you launch a snotty diatribe via the left-lib media on a former class-mate, put your name to it.