Back-Stab! French Crimmigrant-Collabo, Freed AGAIN!

It’s high time some jerk judges in France were fired, but with Muppet Macron in the Elysee Palace, fat chance of that.



I’m not talking again about Calais…

French Court Betrays Calais! What Now, Muppet? 

…not yet anyway.

Instead it’s the convicted collaborator Herrou, only months ago found guilty of aiding and abetting crimmigrants…


In France, As In America, Judges Betray Their Country 

…who has once more been given the green light to continue his evil endeavours on behalf of illegal immigrants.

And what to make of the absurdly obfuscatory headline chosen by the BBC to break this shameful news.

French migrant helper Cédric Herrou gets suspended jail term

‘Migrant helper?’

The man’s no better than the French traitors taken after WW2 and shot. But the horrid Herrou got a mere four-month suspended jail sentence!

The swine is totally unrepentant!

He said he had “no regrets” and “I won’t be stopped by threats – quite the opposite.”

A great pity France has no corporal punishment. Public flogging, before and during ten years of hard labour, might haul him down from his high horse.

Or maybe a good old-fashioned tarring and feathering?



But no way, given the abysmal standards displayed by the clowns on the judicial bench in Aix -en-Provence, who evidently decided to ignore his record.

In February he received a suspended 3,000 euro (£2,700) fine.

Nor did decent patriotic French people hear any more sense from the prosecutors, who ludicrously only asked for an eight-month suspended jail term for the mangy rat.

Horrible Herrou was bleating arrogantly in Aix!

” What am I to do, really? Kick these people out?” 



Eritrean Migrant Gang Bound for UK Face Manslaughter Charges

Paris migrants gang rape and gag teen at Eiffel Tower


Of course kick them out!

Does Herrou never spare a thought for what happens to French folk that fall foul of undesirable aliens.


And what about Boris Johnson?

HM’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs should be making representations at the highest level to get proper punishment dispensed in cases like this.

Because while crimmigrants are indeed a threat to French life and limb, and of course a dreadful drain on the French public purse…


…they also constitute a clear and present danger to the United Kingdom!