Germany’s Infantile Disorders – Tots Decide When To Sleep!

After this morning’s post about ‘youth…’

International Youth Day? ‘ABG Tua!’ Sing Along With Fitri! 

…somebody sent me a clip from the Guardian, which, were I not aware of the Guardian’s penchant for publishing news of brain-dead pinkos who defy all logic and sense…


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I’d have expected to read on 1st April, not 12th August.


Educators at the daycare centre in northern Germany tell the story of six-year-old Pia, who recently objected to her parents telling her to go to sleep by citing the kindergarten’s “constitution,” which is prominently displayed in each playroom:

“I can decide when I go to bed. It’s my right.”



One thanks The Almighty that this kind of drivel was not around during my own offspring’s childhood.

Parenting is a rewarding duty but not always easy. A lot less easy, surely, when tiny tots are fed cr-p like this.

The centre’s charter lists seven basic rights: I have the right to sleep; I decide what and how much I eat; I decide what I play with; I decide where I sit; I am allowed to voice my opinion any time; I decide who I want to cuddle with; and I decide who changes my nappies.

What kind of adults will these kids turn out to be? Has Germany not got enough ‘rights’-obsessed ninnies?

Do any readers go along with the hogwash ‘right’ that nippers can decline to go to bed until they’ve watched whatever cartoons may be on tv at midnight?

Believe it or not there are, inexplicably, cartoons on after even my bedtime, moronic pap like ‘American Dad…’


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…and how many of you approve a kid’s ‘right’ to spurn their cornflakes until they’ve sated themselves on mini-chocolate bars?

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When I was travelling around Europe with said offspring, it was made clear that, while the holiday was meant to be enjoyable, this did not include non-stop consumption of Golden Arches haute cuisine.



Fave fast-foods were allowed, but contingent on alternate regular samplings of good Italian lasagne, bockwurst mit kartoffelsalat in Germany…


National Wiener Schnitzel Day September 9

Ha! Another ‘Day’ to note!


wienerschnitzel in Vienna and goulash, if I remember right, in Hungary!

Entertainment too was not without democratic participation, choices offered of zoo, cinema, or museums.

I bowed gracefully to some of my frequent defeats re that third option, but nevertheless did insist on the Louvre in Paris, and on that wonderful Pergamon Museum in Berlin…



…which, in fact, was retrospectively admitted to be ‘not bad, with those weird animals!’

But in terms of when to sleep, nappy-changing, ‘where to sit,’ etc., children need, and ultimately appreciate, discipline.

It’s called growing up to be useful citizens.


Philip Oltermann



Meanwhile, I have to wonder about the mind-set of the Guardian hack responsible for the article, some geezer named Philip Oltermann, whose own concept of democracy is somewhat askew.

…the brains behind the project are not only discovering that democratic ideas remain surprisingly contagious even in an era of populist revivals..

What the heck does that mean? On any reading, it tells us that the author takes the bizarre view that ‘democratic ideas‘ are unlikely companions to be found with populist revivals.


Populism’s enemy, anti-democratic elitism


 In fact, populism is the most assertive declaration of democracy that Europe and North America have seen in many years, common people squaring up to arrogant elites.

To be fair, the odd organisers are said to have SOME rules, notably when it is time to change a foul nappy.

Yet even so..

the nursery chef has to act out the will of the voters even if it seems disgusting or unhealthy…

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And when a school head can seriously argue that the onus is on the adults to learn to accept the children’s decisions, rather than the other way around?

Time to get real, surely.