International Youth Day? ‘ABG Tua!’ Sing Along With Fitri!

Are there any days left on the calendar not designated for some purpose, for example, today, for some reason to be celebrated as International Youth Day?


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Actually, 12th August has long been celebrated, not least in Ulster, where Londonderry’s Apprentice Boys march to and fro to celebrate their city’s defiance of Jacobite forces…


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…and among the hunting and shooting fraternity on the British mainland, who traditionally open fire on various forms of wildlife on that date.


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But I honestly don’t see why everybody needs a day.

I have, however, from time to time, tried to make good use of some of those ‘days,’ either for the purpose of entertainment…



… or by offering readers a bit of thought-provoking material…

UN To Sponsor Patriot Populist Protests Today? 

Hey, Jakarta Girls! Make The Most Of Kartini Day! 

Today, though, we’re told we are obliged to honour ‘youth’ – though a lot of youths, the pampered millennial brats who have been shrilling hatred against their elders (and infinitely betters!) for the past twelve months…… really deserve not so much veneration but a boot up their ingrate backsides.



So let’s not waste time by talking about young people, who, like every age-group, comprise both good people, patriots…


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….like those above, and miserable whiners, like these wretches below!

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Youth as an attitude of mind is what we should celebrate.

Just because you are chronologically ‘old,’ there’s no need to ‘act your age.’


Partying holds just as much appeal to me today as it did when I was an undergraduate, more than a few decades ago. When you pass 50, or 60, or even 70, there’s nothing admirable about becoming a be-cardiganed stay-at-home!

Here’s an excellent example of what I mean, as expressed in a popular Indonesian dangdut song.

A.B.G Tua! –  Teen of Advanced Years!


You won’t understand the lyrics, most of you, but the video explains it  perfectly!