He’s Hated By The Guardian, So Vote For The ‘Cold Reactionary!’

A virulently vicious diatribe in the UK’s leftist Guardian, against almost anyone…

A cold reactionary lies behind the Jacob Rees-Mogg act


….should make us give careful consideration to the merits of the person concerned.


Official portrait of Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg crop 2.jpg


Hence an attack on Jacob Rees-Mogg MP by a po-faced pinko prig named Catherine Bennet must have won him additional support from rank-and-file members of the Conservative Party who, unlike Mrs. May…

Tory Purge – Theresa May Dances To Gaystapo Tune! 

…and many of her Cabinet colleagues, are actually conservatives.

His views and mine are not exactly the same, but close enough. I’d have to overcome my irrational prejudice against posh accents, but I could manage that for a true Brit Brexiteer.


Wikipedia tells me  that he was known to be David Cameron’s worst nightmare! 



So Jacob must be a damn fine chap! And he’s smart, with an Upper Second – same as me, though mine’s not Oxford!

In case you didn’t know, J R-M’s elevation to the leadership (currently not vacant!) would have valuable spin-off benefits, such as the departure from the party of at least one pretty little left-liberal MP – no, not Justin Turdo – different party, different country!

Read about her huffing and puffing in the Huff Post  –http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/tory-mp-will-quit-party-if-jacob-rees-mogg-is-made-leader_uk – and please do NOT miss the chance therein to cast a vote for the man!