ISIS Evil Is Inexcusable – No Entry For Jihadist Vixens!

I see from ‘Your Brexit…’ 

…that the Home Office has reportedly shown unusually sound judgement by depriving a turncoat bint of her citizenship, after she scuttled off to join the ISIS rape-gang.


Aqsa Mahmood is thought to be one of the 150 people that have had their British citizenship removed by the Home Office because of suspected involvement with ISIS.


There’s something of a debate on their Facebook page (which, having been fatwa-ed by Facebook for posting a video of the 2011 Cikeusik Pogrom in Indonesia…


  • ahmadiyah2   

    Facebook’s Status – Enemy Within – Exposed Again!

  • …I cannot join!) about whether the vixen should be excluded from the realm or allowed back to face criminal charges.

  • In my opinion, she should never be permitted into the UK – simply because there’s no death penalty there.

  • If she gets back to Britain, she might be prosecuted, or not.

  • She might be convicted, or not.

  • She might be sentenced to a trifling few years, then be out spreading her vile sectarian ideology once again!

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  • Or she might get appropriate time behind bars, life, in other words, which would cost UK tax-payers many thousands of pounds.



She deserves to be hanged. lf that option’s not on the table, then what possible benefit can it bring to Britain to bring her back?

I hope you’ll join in the Facebook debate.

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