Darebin, Dustbin Of Democracy! Greens Warn Christians!

After our somewhat lengthy piece on the bigotry and bias faced by pro-decency campaigners in the Australian vote on homo-weddings…

Australia – Guardian Gaystapo Gal Gives Gag Guarantee! 

…here’s another example of the intolerance of the gaystapo forces there….



…where a Melbourne-area local council has declared it will give free office space to same-sex marriage campaigners — while blacklisting opponents of marriage equality.




Seemingly, ghastly Greens rule on Darebin Council.

Their councillors are free to express their personal and party opinions, but how dare they aim to pervert municipal powers to issue a warning to local churches not to campaign against same-sex marriage?

AND just as bad, or maybe worse, they seek to give gaystapo agitators use of council facilities and services for free in the lead up to the postal plebiscite on same-sex marriage?

But….‘no’ campaigners will be barred from using council facilities, according to an urgent motion to be voted on next week!



Darebin Council HQ


It’s sublime arrogance more reminiscent of 19th century Europe’s Holy Alliance, this squalid Green scheme to browbeat local churches and religious groups, to warn them of the “potentially harmful impacts of campaigning against marriage equality.”

I’d have thought churches etc. have a moral duty to campaign against debasing an institution the proposed change to which would have been laughed to scorn not that long ago.

Not so? So how come none of the ALP Prime Ministers up to and including the most recent ever put it on their election manifestos?

But it’s not just empathy with sexual aberrants that motivates these Greens.

It’s a deep-rooted distaste for democracy!

Their Councillor Susan Rennie rants against giving Australians a vote.

The postal poll is a terrible idea, there’s no justification for it and it will make some people in our community feel unsafe and expose them to homophobia and discrimination!”

It’s democracy that’s unsafe with Rennie in any position of authority.


A postal ballot is not the ideal way – it should have been a proper plebiscite – a  referendum, but whose Senate votes prevented that going ahead?

Her Green comrades in Australia’s Upper House!

Green light for marriage postal vote

Rennie rejected suggestions the council was limiting free speech…

“… and just because people are free to express their views doesn’t mean council should deliver a platform for them,” she said.

WRONG, Comrade Rennie!

YOU are not obliged to engage in fair play, NOR is your Green Party.

But a local authority SHOULD – and I would hope that some of the municipal electorate will be examining what legal steps they can take to prevent the Greens’ outrageous pretensions which are arguably ultra vires  – local authorities are constituted in order to expend local resources on LOCAL issues.