Truthful Trump Roars Back – Media Harpies Shrill!

It was a British bard whose words came to mind as I watched Donald Trump this morning.


Hasil gambar untuk an honest man's the noblest work of god


We all saw the brutal battling on the streets and we know that Trump was dead right when he blamed more than one side.

Again, I refer you to the photo we used earlier this week.



Post-Charlottesville? End Political Violence – Outlaw Antifa!

I’m sure you can easily find more.


Plenty of far-left trouble-makers came from outside the town and the state.



It was perfectly obvious that both the Red Nazi Antifa and the racist Black Lives Matter had come there not to have a peaceful protest but to cause mischief.

Simple truth.



But Trump was pushed and pummelled into back-tracking on his honest and correct assessment. Disappointing, as many of our readers have said.

Until now!

I honour one of our commenters, whom I’ve never met, by repeating some of his delighted response to Donald Trump’s come-back.

‘The Donald’s fantastic performance right now, a press conference where the press went nuts. He told them fair and square that there were very bad people on both sides, and some fine people among those protesting against the statue.
He called out the Alt Left who used clubs and violence!’




Patriotic Americans are absolutely jubilant, of course, and the media at the press conference showed themselves up by their near-hysterical reaction to being told the truth by President Trump.

‘I know it and you know it!’

Yes, Good America will cheer.

But what can we outside the USA do to support the way Trump shot down the ‘Big Lie?’

(Check out the WT link for lengthier coverage. )

Three top men in three major companies, Merck, Intel and Under Armour, have quit the President’s Business Council specifically to show their disapproval of Trump’s sincere, sensible sharing of  blame among all those concerned.

CEOs of Intel, Merck and Under Armour quit Trump advisory panel

Merck is a pharmaceutical company, so it’s probably the easiest to locate, since most of us use such products, even if it’s only for day-to-day ailments, like head-aches and upset tums.

When you pop into your local shop, or your chemist/apotek/pharmacist, to get something for some malady, check out the bottle or packet and see if Merck’s name is visible.

Then decide if you truly want to buy it. Not so hard to do – and email them to say why.

Under Armour, I admit, I had never heard of, until this week. It seems they make much of the following –  ‘innovative sports clothing, shoes, & accessories’ – and they are to be found all over the world. 

So not just Americans but also Canadians, Brits,and even people here in Indonesia, can decide if they want to buy their stuff.

Intel are a tech company. Find out what you can, then act accordingly. 

Teach those big biz stuck-ups a lesson!