Finland Stabbing – “An 18-Year-Old Moroccan Citizen?”

What a great pity that Finnish Police don’t measure up to the marksmanship of those good Spanish cops who shot dead five jihadist vermin a couple of days ago.


No photo available? No name?


Otherwise, the “18-year-old Moroccan citizen” currently soaking up even more Finnish tax-payers’ money in a hospital bed, with a mere leg wound, would be six feet under, where all such Islamist terrorists belong.



But the big issue MUST be that this pig was ‘known to the police!’,

WTF is going on?

If the stabber, recorded hollering the war-cry ‘Allahu Akbar,’ was ‘known to police‘ for reporting a noisy neighbour who played a guitar loudly after midnight, okay…



…but that phrase is not usually applied to any such civic-mindedness on the part of the individual.

So, like, uh…who let him into Finland?

On what basis was his entry deemed likely to benefit Finland?

If there was no obvious benefit to Finland, why was he admitted?

If he was ‘known to police’ for negative reasons, why was he not held for deportation?



Is Finland nowadays so rotted with liberalism and infested with clowns yelping about the ‘rights’ of foreign savages to live in a country not their own…



….that the police and other relevant authorities disregarded common sense and allowed an undesirable alien to roam freely?

I thought better of the people there, but then how European governments behave, these days, does not often reflect how their people feel.

I am concerned to ask my questions because I hold a deep affection for the Finns.