Theresa’s Lesbian Warns Churches – Bow To Gaystapo Diktats!

This notorious lesbian has issued a clear warning to British Christians.


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Abandon your values and bow down to the gaystapo’s PC diktats!

That’s the message, and it’s not from some nutjob Trot in an Islington gentrified squat!

Elevated to high office by Cast-Iron Cameron and maintained therein by Turncoat Theresa, Justine Greening holds no less than TWO jobs,  Education Secretary and Equalities Minister…


…a dangerous combination for a woman with pretensions to the role of theological arbiter.

Greening’s only virtue, arguably, is that she’s a walking, talking example of how being homosexual is not innate…

From NYC – Proof Positive, ‘Gays’ Can Be Cured! 

…a distinction she shares with the wife of the Mayor of New York, BTW.

Greening had an apparently normal relationship with a male Tory, before she owned up to her new-found lesbian preference.

An ideal candidate for curative therapy, but helping these sad ‘gays’ is becoming a prohibited treatment –

Malta bans ‘gay cure’ conversion therapy – BBC News

–  thanks to militant homos who fear they’ll lose recruits if help is avaiable to unhappy maladjusts.

But there’s no virtue whatsoever in her rant against Christianity, viz. that she did not want to “prescribe” how faith groups deal with the issue, but that “it is important that the church in a way keeps up and is part of a modern country”.

Churches should ’embrace gay marriage‘, says equalities minister

Fortunately, some people in the UK remain unintimidated by the gaystapo, people like Melanie McDonagh, who recognised the evil that stalks the realm, asserting that it was only a “short step” from the minister’s assertion to “enabling the church to conduct those marriages and then obliging them to do so.”

“It’s the authoritarian aspect of modern liberalism, outside the church and in it.” McDonagh said Greening should not interfere at all with churches’ decisions on same-sex marriage.



As I have observed before, liberalism is a cancer to which democracy is the only possible cure.

Just as there is no democratic mandate for the vile nonsense being pushed by her demented Tory colleague, that we all must lie and say that a man is a woman if some deranged tranny insists he’s not what he is…

…equally Christians should be free to follow Christian teachings without being subjected to the rants of a middle-aged scold.