Red Nazi Antifa Filth Pollutes Boston Common!

Why does Fox News employ an ignoramess like Melissa Francis?

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Her astounding performance yesterday definitely disturbed my weekend torpor.

She was meant to be the ‘anchor’ between two guests discussing the ‘statue’ controversy but not only did she talk absolute ROT, claiming the rightwingers had started the trouble in Charlottesville!


By holding their rally, she babbled.

Which they had every right to do, since they had applied for, and been granted, a permit. It was obviously the BLM racists and the masked hoodlums of Antifa who came with violent intent.



THEN the daft blonde bint quite rudely interrupted her pro-Trump guest, a black man, BTW, when he pointed out that the statue there was not offending people – black townspeople had been walking past it for years, peacefully going about their daily business.

‘That’s not true,’ mewled Melissa. ‘People have said they’re offended!’

Yeah, right, like the BLM racists, maybe, or Al Sharpton, or that vile CNN hackette Angela Rye?


CNN’s Comrade Rye


C’mon, Fox, fire the dingbat.



CNN will hire her – Melissa and Angela would make great book-ends.


Meanwhile, a moment’s retrospecting on yesterday’s Free Speech Rally on Boston Common and the ‘counter-protest’ aka mob.

Seems an elderly conservative lady carrying the Stars and Stripes had her flag seized by a leftist thug – she was also physically assaulted, knocked to the ground.

TV cameras caught up with the Red Nazi Antifa scum and received this gracious acknowledgement from one of the yellow-belly reds hiding his face – maybe his mom will smack him if she learns what he’s been up to?

Or his boy-friend?


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Thanks to an intrepid independent reporter, there’s video of what sort of vermin were on the prowl.

Kindly follow the link.