Thomson Acquitted, OK! Now Fire The Prosecution Fool!

Having lived far, far away from my birthplace in Perth County, for very many years, I only get a little bit of Ontario news these days, unless I’m searching for something in particular.

So when I stumbled on this story about a man up in Port Colbourne, put on trial for defending his life and his property from attackers of evil intent…



…I was shocked.

After three men tried to burn down his home while he was inside it, Ian Thomson shot at them with a legally owned gun. He was charged with four crimes. He never should have been charged in the first place. But an acquittal on all counts will have to do.

Nice to find a journo with a sense of justice, but this result should NOT have to do!

Whichever lame-brained lawyer/bureaucrat pushed on with this prosecution when it should have been dropped, piling on horrendous psychological pressure on the victim of a monstrous assault, should be named and shamed and fired ignominiously!

Hasil gambar untuk fire him

And no pension!

He  ( or she ) has brought the system into disrepute.

If anything, Mr. Thomson should be held up as a grand example of a good, brave citizen.

It’s just a pity more people don’t open fire – and kill – the sort of criminal scum who attempt home invasions and the like.