Kebangkitan Sundelbolong? A New Free-Flow Horror?

Suzanna was a brilliant and beautiful Indonesian actress, who died a few years ago, after making dozens of films, most, certainly the ones I’ve seen, of the supernatural variety, in which she often played Nyi Loro Kidul, the Goddess of the South Seas.

Or one of Her Majesty’s various kin!


Hasil gambar untuk suzanna ratu laut kidul


But another legendary character she played was that of Sundelbolong, one of the wide range of fantastical phantoms here in Indonesia, which I have mentioned in the past…

Pocong! Kuntilanak! Sundelbolong! Wewegombel…Ghosties and Ghoulies of Indonesia 

In the case of Sundelbolong, she (a lot more of ‘she’ than ‘he’ in the horror pantheon here!) is distinguished by having a hole in her back, often with writhing worms and maggots milling around within!


 Hasil gambar untuk sundelbolong


I’m not sure if it was the Suzanna ‘Sundelbolong‘ movie in which I saw a very funny scene, where a yummy young lady wanders into a warung (street eatery) and orders a beer!

Ah, for the good old days -now you can’t even get a take-away bottle from your local minimart, such is the kill-joy climate imposed by sectarian bigotry!

The gal quaffs the large beer in seconds, orders another, and after half-a-dozen, consumed at similar speeds, she’s inevitably attracted an audience of impressed local guys!

Then she introduces herself as ‘Sun.’

The men stare at each other, chorus ‘SUNDELBOLONG’ and make a sharp exit!



The beer, you see, was simply pouring out of her back!

 One of the good things about Suzanna’s good old films is that they tended to feature attractive women, whose appearance was what one is entitled to expect of attractive women in films, like these pretty wenches below.


Hasil gambar untuk suzanna nyi roro kidul


Sadly, when the good old movies get a re-run on tv, the priggish censorship currently in vogue imposes opaque clouds, to ensure their thighs, mid-riffs, cleavage etc., are childishly obscured!

Dimana Bokong2nya? – Where Are Our Buttocks? 

But now we read there’s going to be a re-make –

Remake of Suzanna’s best horror film slated for 2018 – The Jakarta Post

-so I hope they can match Suzanna’s characterisation  of the heroine!