Time For Canada To Take Up Arms Again?

Since Scheer Hypocrisy regards himself as above talking to The Rebel unless it stops being rebellious…


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Scheer says he’ll reject interviews with The Rebel until it changes 

…it seems both right and proper to give that rare example of sensible Canadian media as many mentions as possible.

So just a look today at an interesting piece there on a ding-bat scheme to jazz up Canada’s distinguished Coat of Arms…


Purge of Canada’s British history continues: Coat of Arms latest target of “diversity” warriors


…a heraldic masterpiece which I have often used here to brighten up my writings on the land of my birth.

Almost all the hatred, fear and loathing of anything that reminds Canadians of where their democratic heritage comes from – the British North America Act of 150 years back – is based on hair-brained hogwash.



But that’s no guarantee, in today’s Turdostan, that further desecration of our heritage will not come to pass.

So please have a look at the video on this Rebel link…  https://www.therebel.media/purge_of_canada_s_british_history_continues_coat_of_arms_latest_target_of_diversity_warriors  …and see just how stupid the plan floated in the Ottawa Citizen really is.

Then gird up your loins for one more battle – but rest assured they’ll do their liberal worst to preclude any democratic input, just as they did when they changed the flag in 1965…


…and when they again failed to hold a referendum on metrication.

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