Kasihan Destiara? Yummy Model Demands Apology!

What’s going on in Kendari?


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In the normal run of events, most everyone here, and even more abroad, would be hard-pushed to answer that question.

Kendari is a city in Sulawesi, which is rarely in the news.

But a yummy model’s righteous wrath has put it in the headlines this week, with the city’s mayor having to come all the way to Jakarta to answer questions about what transpired between His Honour and Destiara Talita…


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…who is, as you can see, exceedingly yummy.

The mayor she’s reported is Adriatma Dwi Putra and last week he attended the Jakarta Police headquarters.



I won’t offer a photo of Dwi…

( a member of the PAN, party, by the way, which I’ve written about previously  –‘Moderate’ PAN Fanatic Bribes Muslims Into Prayers!   -though I’ve never so far written about Kendari’s Mayor Dwi)

…as he’s not as enjoyable to look at as Desti, but there’s a pic of Police HQ, which I pass on the bus most times I go into town.

The Model v the Mayor?

I imagine this story will run and run, as who said what about, or to, whom, is gradually determined.

Desti maintains that, not only had she been Dwi’s significant other for some time prior to his recent election, and that he’d pledged marriage, albeit not proper marriage but something called ‘nikah siri,‘ a kind of informal arrangement…The Corner: Nikah Siri (Unregistered Marriage) ….

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…but that, flushed with political success, he backed out of the plan and, worse, dismissed her as a prostitute, allegedly compounding this insult by suggesting she was both ‘poor‘ and ‘stupid.’

Harsh words.

Curious, because she doesn’t look stupid, nor indeed like a whore, and I checked her out on another site, where, I discovered, she’s listed as a reporter, student, politician AND has a bra size 34B.



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Mayor Dwi, to nobody’s great surprise, denies all that she says.

According to the Jakarta Post, all Desti wants from him is an apology but it seems unlikely he will give her one.  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2017/08/22/model-urges-kendari-mayor-to-apologize-for-defaming-her.html

Heck, even though I have never offended or even met the lovely lass, I would, if she asked!