France24 Lets Oregon Extremist Smear Campus Reform

It was around 1pm today here in Jakarta, so day-break in Europe, when I cautiously tuned into France 24 to see what sort of biased breakfast fare the notorious channel was serving up to their European viewers.

And sure enough!


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Joseph Lowndes is an expert on conservativism, the Tea Party, social movements, the GOP, race and election…

Or at least that’s what his University of Oregon blurb would have us believe.

To me, he came across as just another Un-American academic, intent on smearing patriotic conservatives.

He may not be as ugly as Melissa ‘Muscle’ Click…


The Walking Brain-Dead?- Sex-Obsessed Melissa ‘Muscle!

…or as overtly racist as ‘Johnny The Jerk.’



Were YOUR Professors Racist Foul-Mouths? 

..or any of the others we have run across…

Another Rabid Ratbag Prof – Let’s Get Vetting! 

But he’s bad enough, singling out for attack such authoritative media as Campus Reform…

Gambar terkait

…which we’ve often quoted, and another site called Turning Point USA, with which I am not familiar –  but will certainly check out for future useful ideas. about us – Turning Point USA


Hasil gambar untuk france 24 the interview


According to Lefty Lowndes, they look for isolated examples then blow them out of proportion – he whined that professors even get ‘fired,’ as a result of the consequent public outrage.

He blabbered about all sorts of naughty conservative groups, like the Citizens Councils and something I’ve never heard of, the League of the South…


Hasil gambar untuk guilt by association

…effectively bracketing them together in viewers’ minds, no clarification which were ‘racist’ and which were not.

‘The pathetic interviewer failed totally to challenge the man’s rant, for instance not a single question about the nature of the said professors’ short-comings or even which pinko profs were accused, or why.


Instead, Lowndes was egged on by the France24 inadequate, who merely simpered in solidarity and offered extra opportunities for pinko puking, such as asking if perhaps the wicked old conservatives were opening up ‘culture wars’ to distract people from the fact that coal mining jobs were not returning as Trump had hoped!

None of this is surprising.

France24 is far-left, always has been, as its partnership with the ultra-liberal Daily Beast plainly demonstrates.

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But surely, at the very least, both Campus Reform and Turning Point USA deserve the right of reply.

Quite possibly they don’t even know what sort of propaganda the far-left media in Europe are megaphoning against them.

They will once they get my emailed link!