How Can British Jews POSSIBLY Choose The Fourth Reich?

I read about this weeks ago and decided to write about it, but as often happens, got side-tracked. Jakarta partying has a habit of distracting one from serious pursuits.

But the question has to be asked…



…why are some British Jews prepared to abandon the country that gave their families a safe haven during the Hitler years…

Brexit forces British Jews to seek German citizenship – Brexit: UK EU …

…and ‘return’ to a Germany, the heart of the Fourth Reich, in which the number of card-carrying adherents of old Adolf’s animosity…



…may have waned but where bitter hostility to Israel is on the rise, among segments of actual German society, notably in Berlin.

We’re not the first to recognise Mama Stasi Merkeland for what it is…

The Fourth Reich is here – without a shot being fired

…but the rotten reality must be becoming clear to everyone.

Just read this!

‘Writer Philipp Peyman Engel accused the city’s government of remaining largely silent on the issue, a stance that he argued was symptomatic of a weak approach to anti-Semitism in the capital…

Engel praised the city’s culture minister for describing the boycott as “disgusting”, while bemoaning the fact that the city mayor, Michael Müller, remained silent on the issue.’

Berlin is ‘hypocritical and dishonest’ on anti-Semitism, Jewish newspaper claims…

..and is becoming more widespread because of Mama Stasi Merkel’s deliberate unvetted importation of ignorant Islamist savages.

‘Berlin – An AJC survey of Berlin public school teachers reveals the growing infiltration of Salafism, and a corresponding increase in anti-Semitism in classroomsAJC Study Reveals Danger of Salafism in Berlin Schools  

Yet some Brits of German-Jewish ancestry are seriously contemplating going ‘back,’ because they resent the democratic decision taken by their fellow-Britons to declare independence from supranational control by an entity that was declared by fans of those they fled in the 1930s?  


If you want some real history, watch this!



The banner

Brussels’ Nazi Antecedents Exposed

Well, I won’t say good luck to them, because they don’t deserve it.

Good riddance is more appropriate and good on the good British Jews who prefer to stick with their fellow-citizens in the UK!