ANOTHER Petition? Via The GUARDIAN? What’s Up?

The Kurds have earned our praise more than once and they are every bit as deserving of self-determination as any other people around the world.


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Kobane – How Come No Huge Demos Like We Saw About Gaza? 

Kasihan Kobane! Erdogan…Echoes of Warsaw 1944? ….

But that’s one thing.


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What’s more important in the case of Joe Robinson, a young man from Lancashire, who’s held in a Turk prison on ‘terrorism’ charges, is that his involvement in that region was limited to fighting the ISIS rape-gang’s evil caliphate.

He served with he YPG, aka the People’s Protection Units of Syrian Kurdistan (YPG) as a combat medic in 2015

He was no doubt unwise later to take a vacation with his fiancee in Erdogan’s Turkey. Yet his heart seems always to have been in the right place, and I’d say he merits a spot of support..

Hence I offer you the online petition calling for Robinson’s release  from the Guardian report on the situation, which makes miserable reading.


I recommend you read it all.

Then I hope you’ll add your name to the call for his freedom.