Which of Canada’s Statues Will Be First To Go?

We’ve seen the whining nitwit Greens in Sydney who want to mess about with Captain Cook, and that marxist De Blasio in NYC pondering the toppling of Christopher Columbus.

De Blasio To Cut American Core Out of Big Apple? 


But what of Canada?



Surely there must be targets galore for Antifa marxist goon-squads, statues of Englishmen, and Scots and Ulstermen, and Frenchmen – not to forget their sturdy pioneer womenfolk! – the Europeans who transformed the wilderness into a fine, prosperous country?

I have one on my photo file.

Empire Loyalists, in Hamilton, Ontario.

Empire Loyalists!?!

Good grief, I’m amazed Turdo himself has not been seen prowling the area with a hammer!

Not only were these people descended from the wicked imperialist British, maybe even born in the monarchist Old Country, but they travelled from the rebellious American colonies to Canada, the better to ensure they could still live under the Crown and the Union Jack.



Does that statue still stand in Hamilton, Ontario?

The land on which those Empire Loyalists settled, indeed all of Hamilton, at one time, must have been the hunting grounds of some copper-skinned tribe!

First Nations land plundered!?!

So has that proud loyal family on their plinth been daubed with millennial grunt-words, or otherwise vandalised?

Give it time – the Antifa vermin in Canada, just as much in the USA and Oz, are cultural marxists and are therefore dedicated to subversion of the Dominion’s Western heritage.



A multicult cess-pool is their cherished goal!

An update, please, since I’ve not been back to Canada for many years!