California Screaming – Outlaw Red Nazi Antifa!

No more excuses!


Cultural Marxist urban terrorism needs to be treated in the same way as the jihadist variety.

The violence being used to silence right-wingers, as in California this past weekend, is not spontaneous combustion, no mere temper tantrums that get out of hand.



Screaming their hate like banshees, the Antifa swine unleashed terror on non-violent, patriotic, conservative demonstrators.

You can see for yourselves the true nature of these red vermin.

Hundreds of black-clad antifa activists jumped police barricades and tracked down the small number of Trump supporters who showed up anyway, beating up at least one man and hitting another with sticks, as shown on video from KCRA-TV in Sacramento

Anita, leftists protest in Berkeley after cancellation of anti-Marxism rally .

It goes without saying that the scum would be incensed at the prospect of an anti-Marxism rally –

But it’s the hatred of democracy by Democrats – the rally had met with resistance from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other San Francisco Democrats – that’s also concerning.


Gambar terkait


Pelosi and the other intolerants in her pinko posse disagreed with the views held by the rightwing organisers, as indeed they have the right to do.

But in the USA today, if the Left disagree with you, that’s not the last you’ll hear if it.



They’ll STOMP you.

They wanted the rally banned, because they  characterized the event as a white nationalist gathering!



Whether that’s true or not – and the rally organisers maintain their event was aimed at promoting freedom and unity –why should ANY views expressed, except incitement to murder, like the primitive savages in this photo below…


Incitement to murder should of course be a crime…


….why should any nationalist, or leftist, or liberal, views be grounds for banning their rally, or any rally?

These Democrats NEVER urge that the racist BLM be outlawed, despite murderous ululations from their spokes-brutes…


Gambar terkait

 – Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”

…nor have we heard that plastic-faced old prune Pelosi  display a hint of moral equivalence, demanding a ban on meetings held by those wedded to leftist thuggery.



But while taking out the Antifa terror threat is important, what also has to be addressed is the vacuous rhetoric Pelosi and Co keep spouting, that idiotic shrilling exemplified by her words last week, that Americans have no free speech right ‘to yell wolf in a crowd.’

For a start, it’s meaningless, but if we decipher the dumb cow’s remark as fairly as possible, one discerns that she’s been trying rather illiterately, to rehash the old canard about shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre.

Of course these organisers of the rally targetted by red nazi scum (organisers who curiously were mostly non-white!) were not in a crowded theatre but had legitimately hired a venue in a city park, available for hire to any group.

Nobody is forced to walk into or through a park.

If people know there’s a rally supporting a cause they find disagreeable, then they are perfectly at liberty to stay out of ear-shot.

If they think the ideas promoted by the rally are so awful, then they can organise their own rally in another park, or in the same park on another day.

The Antifa Red Nazis came to town to disrupt, break up and beat up peaceful demonstrators. They came as terrorists.



They should therefore be treated as terrorists.

Police should have opened fire on them.