Ontario Teachers Talk Tripe On Sir John A MacDonald

After yesterday’s brief expression of concern Which of Canada’s Statues Will Be First To Go?  that the nasty nutjobs in America might inspire extremist imitation in Canada, sure enough!

Sir John A. Macdonald: Architect of genocide or Canada’s founding father?

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A pack of pinko simpletons aka Ontario’s elementary school union says it wants schools to drop Macdonald’s name because he is the “architect of genocide against Indigenous People,”




As the Toronto Star report reminds us, Sir John founded Canada and is the man whose statue stands outside Parliament and the Ontario legislature, whose name is on major roads and the airport of the country’s capital, and whose face is on the $10 bill…

But according to these leftist creeps, who, please don’t forget, are in charge of moulding the minds of your children and grandchildren, the Grand Old Man of Confederation is unworthy of being associated with children’s schools.

Hasil gambar untuk leave those kids alone


Time these ignorant arrogant munchkins were fired, methinks.



Who do they think they are?

They do not seem to be aware that naming schools is not and should not be, any part of a teacher’s responsibilities.

That role is the community’s, whether town council or city council or, arguably, in Ontario, the provincial parliament.


Obviously, such decisions should be subject to a democratic referendum, of citizens, or of parents. Certainly NOT of teachers, who are mere employees and should do as they’re told. 

Those teachers are paid to provide non-political education to youngsters and therefore their union should restrict its yapping to the usual whines about pay and conditions of employment.

The report doesn’t say by how many votes the delegates passed their absurd motion.



But its cultural marxist provenance is easily identified by the inclusion of the inevitable hysteria words unsafe space,‘ which in this paranoid case is apparently created by Sir John’s ‘namesake buildings’


These terrifying edifices allegedly contribute to problems ‘Indigenous’ kids encounter in school.


Are these people of sound mind?

Can they be trusted to hand out plasticine?


If they want to play kindergarten pinko games, then they are free to join the Grits, or NDP.

When posing as pedagogues, pipe down on politics.