Second Front! Savages Use Spain As Base To Target UK!

Whilst I’m far from confident that Theresa May’s spineless sell-out Home Secretary Amber Rudd will not resume her shameless importation of military-age louts from Calais, refusing all the while to make simple checks on their laughable claim to be children…


Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 

…it’s shocking news indeed that a Second Front has opened, undesirable aliens gaining entry into the UK on ferries from Spain.

 Thousands of migrants attempt to reach Britain on ferries from Bilbao

It was cause for applause when those Spanish cops took out a bunch of jihadist brutes in the wake of the Barcelona atrocity…

Spain- Five Rabid Curs Shot? Great, But All Those Others? 

 …but a lot of Brits must have wondered why the scum were in Spain in the first place.

Bad enough the scenes we saw this month, wild and barbarous creatures gate-crashing Spain’s North African borders, incursions long encouraged by the European Commission…


Hasil gambar untuk ceuta migrants

The EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom, said she was “very concerned” about Spanish police firing rubber bullets to deter migrants.  She added that the actions of any EU state protecting its borders should be “proportionate”, and should respect fundamental rights and human dignity.

Invasion! So Brussels Stabs Spain in the Back! 

….AND a boat-load of wannabe bludgers landing with impunity, not a shot fired in defence of the shores, not a cop even seen in the vicinity – and the innocent people on the beach of course unarmed, unable to fend them off…


Serious vetting?

Savages storm a Spanish beach, this month, unhindered


Even had the swim-suited tourists been carrying, I’ll bet any civilian patriot who shot at the savages would have later been arrested, given the pusillanimous mentality of the Spanish political/legal establishment.

That establishment has very clearly been allowing large numbers of non-Spanish settlers into the country for years.



And don’t forget the Salafist infestation of some urban areas – a outrageous situation, acknowledged even by the leftist media…


Why Barcelona, a tourist paradise, is a ‘Salafist city’ – France 24


NO Salafists of any origin ought to be tolerated in any civilised land.

We also saw the big demo ‘for peace’ in Catalonia, the King of Spain himself honouring the demonstration with his regal presence.

I’m Not Afraid.’ 500000 Peace Marchers Flood Barcelona

Look at the damfool slogan, in the photo below –


Hasil gambar untuk peace march king of spain barcelona

 “The best answer is Peace”


That’s not what’s needed.

A demonstration for war – war on Salafism, war on jihadism, war on every element on Spanish territory whose loyalty is not to Spain but rather to supranational sectarian solidarity.