Good Oz Court Win, But Who Pays For Whiners?

Good to read a week or so ago that Australia’s highest court ruled on Thursday that the country’s policy of sending asylum seekers who try to reach its shores by boat to migrant camps in Papua New Guinea is valid…


Better calibre of judges in Oz than the USA, it seems.

Normal Aussies will be pleased that there’s no judicial pressure on their government to abandon its promise to keep undesirable aliens from landing on Australia’s sunny shores…


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…though there are still a lot prowling about there who could do with prompt deportation!

But a question arises in my mind, from previous experience with lawyers, not in Oz or here in Indonesia, but back in The Old Country, where even getting a lawyer to write a little letter cost a pretty penny.


Hasil gambar untuk australian dollars


So how much does it cost to take a case through all the levels of Australian justice to the highest court in the land?

Plainly, few if any of the ‘poor, desperate’ ( desperate to leech on Oz tax-payers!) asylumers have the readies to lash out for high-powered leftist lawyers. And do many of those well-known ‘human rights’ defenders HONESTLY work for nothing?



So is it a big dip in the warm waters of the public purse as they battle for their bludger clients, and then they make the tax-payer pay more if they win?

NOW…how about if they lose? Losers pick up the tab, presumably?

How does that work? The thwarted alien wannabe has no cash, so do their pin-striped pinko defenders…

…have to pay the bill, for all the time and effort and expense put in by the government in defeating the challenge to Australia’s safety?

I truly don’t know