UK University Churns Out Far-Left Propaganda!

Driven by a desperate urge to be annoyed, I tuned into CNN and there was some Indian pinko prof chuntering on about The Terrible Trump-Monster.



Par for the course!

They clearly have an entire all-singing, all-dancing, all-prattling cast of characters they draw on, under the guise of academic expertise.

Of course CNN has such people carefully vetted to make sure only leftists appear.


Inderjeet Parmar


And with Inderjeet Parmar, they hadn’t had to do much vetting!

The Professor of International Politics at London University ( UK, not Ontario!) has been publishing rants, bitter left-liberal bilge, about the President for months.

I learned this just by sticking his name in Google Search along with The Donald’s – try it yourself – easy peasy!

But among the many examples, one caught my attention. It was not from CNN or the Guardian or any other prejudice-spinning outlet of the Media-Democrat Party.

This one…

Donald Trump’s reasons for firing FBI director James Comey are ‘highly implausible’, says City US politics expert

…came from, guess where?

City, University of London


Yup, his own university!

Since when have British universities expanded their role beyond education into dissemination of political propaganda?

It’s true that at the end of what they amusingly call their-


– there’s a disclaimer, viz.-

 The views expressed here do not represent those of City, University of London


Gambar terkait


But that’s not good enough, is it?

It wouldn’t be good enough even if this callow college (1894 – my own alma mater was founded centuries ago!) could tell us they propagate a broad spectrum of opinion, left, right and centre.

Unlikely – get a load of Parmar’s previous contribution, just before Donald whacked Clinton.

What Trump’s campaign says about the politics of white identity, class and gender

I’ve had a look – it’s pure manic malice, not just aimed at Trump…



….but even at the late great Ronald Reagan’s ‘coded racism!’



Still it begs the question- can this man keep his bigoted leftist line out of the lectures he presumably gives?

But the bigger question is how this college can justify using its resources to pump out hateful propaganda.