Infestation- An Illegal Camp Sprouts In Brussels!

Despite the infestation being clearly illegal, already we hear whining from an ‘NGO!’

I won’t speculate if it’s a real ‘non-government organisation’ or one of those that use the words whilst actually leeching off government grants!


They sleep there, they stay there during the day. These migrants don’t have access to basic things like food, shower or healthcare…


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The same NGO numbskull rambles on –

“For now Belgian authorities are not doing anything to help these migrants, because they consider that if those migrants want to be helped they should apply for asylum in Belgium…


How outrageous!

The Belgian authorities think that people claiming to be desperate for a new life might actually consider applying for ‘asylum?’

Obviously they won’t, because they are not ‘refugees’  in need of sanctuary but simply a plague of primitives…



….who reckon they can dig their greedy snouts into a nice juicy welfare trough somewhere else…

Hasil gambar untuk theo francken
Theo Francken

It’s the migrants on their way to Great Britain,” says the communications office of the State Secretary for Asylum Policy and Migration, Theo Francken’

…so bugger Belgium!


I admit I have often criticised Belgian authorities in the past…

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…but on this occasion, the Brussels cops seem to be doing a fairly good job, judging from how the pinko NGO bint whines.

We’ve heard reports of police coming to the park to confiscate the things of migrants – blankets, phones or just take them to custody. That’s the kind of difficulties they face.

Oh, boo-hoo-hoo!


Great stuff!

Good for the cops!

That little park was built and paid for by Belgians, and it is the property of Belgian people, the citizens of Brussels or of the local municipality.

It is not a doss-house for illegal aliens who have NO right to be there and whose presence must clearly deter honest citizens who might wish to use the park for the recreational activity that it’s meant to provide.

Yet it’s not only a problem for Belgians.  

That Mr. Francken, whom we’ve quoted in the past…

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…is spot on when he warns Brits that the parasites have the UK as their target.

And whose fault is that?

Theresa Mays  – and her irresponsible Home Secretary Amber Rudd, who betrayed Britain by importing hulking louts pretending to be children.


Amber’s Army Re-Groups! Will Theresa Surrender Again? 

News of that kind of spineless sell-out to the pro-crimmigrant lobby has beyond doubt spread among undesirables like those now prowling in the park.

When the louts of Calais were given the green light by evil Amber, every illegal on both sides of the Med surely made note and sped up their lawless quest.