Use RAF To Deport ‘Em! What’s Theresa May Playing At?

Campaigners to target airlines after pilot saves Afghan man from deportation

What is the government doing about this outrageous situation? Theresa May has to get her God-awful Home Secretary Amber Rudd to get the finger out and ACT.

It’s not as if it’s a one-off!

It is not the first time deportations have been thwarted by pilots exerting their powers to refuse to transport unwilling asylum seekers, either for humanitarian reasons or over concerns for in-flight security and passenger complaints.

What the heck is the British Government going to do about these arrogant cockpit upstarts?

Decent passengers would hardly complain if the undesirables were securely trussed up? There’s no security problem in that case. If there are pinko passengers unhappy about sharing a flight with deportees, tell them to sod off.


If foreign airlines refuse either to dismiss subversive pilots, or at least to take effective disciplinary action pour encouragez les autres, then it’s time to bar those airlines from landing at UK airports.


Hasil gambar untuk afghani pilot refused deportation from uk turkish airlines


Use British airlines, not those beholden to hostile regimes like Turkish Airlines, as was the case in the report!


Have the British airlines vet pilots to ensure unprofessional, politicised pilots are not rostered to fly planes taking unwanted aliens back to where they belong. If any British pilots turn traitor, replace them!


But if Theresa May lacks the will to take any of those simple steps…


Gambar terkait


…then why for pity’s sakes don’t they just use military cargo planes. A big one like that, above, could easily transport a hundred or more neatly packed unwanted aliens!

RAF pilots are not likely to turn traitor the way some scummy civil pilots might.



And if any attempt is made by agitprop trouble-makers to interfere, inside the airport or on the tarmac, hit them with the full force of the law.

Have well-equipped police standing by ready to get stuck into agitators.

Subdue them, arrest them, charge them.


Lock ’em up!