Shut The Door, They’re Coming In The Windows! Suicidal Italy!

It was many decades ago that I spent some time in Gorizia. It’s bang on the border with what was then Yugoslavia.


Gambar terkait


My hosts, the family of an Italian gal I’d met in Rome – Anna Lucia is likely a grandma now! – took me round the town. They were proud of their historical heritage, like the castello.

Pretty normal Italian people in a pretty normal Italian community.

Changed days!

And as usual, not a change for the better.

Four mayors in the northern Italian province of Friuli-Venezia Giulia have appealed for help in dealing with an influx of migrants who have been rejected for asylum in northern Europe.

This is absolute insanity!



No wonder the mayors are desperate.

Bad enough that thousands of undesirable aliens have been provided with what’s basically a free maritime taxi service into their country, not just by subversive so-called ‘NGOs’…



….but by Italian naval and coast guard vessels.

Now another horde, rejected as having NO grounds for ‘asylum’ whatsoever in other member states of the Brussels Empire – phoney ‘refugees’ – are flooding in from the north, Germany, Austria, France and Belgium.

Several thousand of them have come to Friuli-Venezia Giulia this year alone.

And why?

…Italy’s rules make it easier for them to get documents to stay in Europe…

“They come to Italy because Italy defines the whole of Afghanistan and part of Pakistan as places where asylum can be considered – using criteria which are broader when it comes to political asylum.

There you have it.




Yet the imbecilic Italian Government has only to revise those criteria to stop this latest crimmigrant tsunami.


Gambar terkait

Have they rushed through emergency legislation?

Have they even announced any intention of doing so?

As far as we can see, they have done nothing!

But then the question is, are those running Italy these days in any sense good men, when they must be fully aware of the price innocent people are paying for their folly?


A Congolese asylum-hopeful with permission to stay in Italy for humanitarian reasons was nabbed aboard a train by police early Sunday as the last of a gang of four young males suspected of raping a Polish tourist on a beach, beating her companion unconscious and raping a Peruvian woman barely an hour later in the same Italian resort town of Rimini, authorities said. Italy police nab refugee as last suspect in beach gang rape


Remember, the current regime in Rome are Renzi’s lot, with concern for the safety of their people, having long since decriminalised illegal immigration.

Nor are they even capable of respect for Italy’s cultural heritage!


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It’s the same cultural marxist crowd that has sat back and let it happen!