CNN’s ‘Dreamer’ Debate – A Nightmare Of Bias!

Poor John Fredericks!


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A pro-Trump guest on CNN today, Mr. Fredericks may naively have expected fair play when he appeared with some green-clad Leftist woman named Maria (10.15 am Jakarta time) to discuss the so-called ‘dreamers’ issue, which we touched on yesterday.

Please Stop Calling Mini-Crimmigrants ‘Dreamers!’


A balanced show, one on each side, yeah?


There was, of course, an ‘anchor,’ to ensure both sides got a fair innings as they clashed.

Who was it?


  • YouTube  CNN’s Don ‘Bitter’ Lemon

    “F*** White People!” But We Don’t Know If It’s Hate Crime? 

  • ooooooooo
  • None other than the repulsive far-left hack Don Lemon, who shamelessly took the side of the pro-crimmigrant woman, CONSTANTLY interrupting Mr. Fredericks, to tell him he was wrong, wrong, wrong about everything!

  • So not one-to-one but two-to-one, with one of the two pro-crimmigrants in what should be the referee position.

  • I really should NOT switch on CNN when first I wake.

  • =


  • It’ll take me till this evening’s party to regain my equilibrium.

  • PS –

  • OK, in what I wrote, above, I myself was probably wrong  – about one thing!

  • Since I gather the pro-Trump gent has been active fighting the Media Democrats for some time, there’s no way he would be naive enough to expect fair play on CNN.