Crack-Down Time In Canada – Smash The Red Nazis!

A good article in  the Sun last week, by Candice Malcolm, but although she makes plenty of useful points, there’s one sentence, admittedly a quote from one of her colleagues, that needs to be challenged –

 “…the ‘Antifa’ movement has always had at its core a group of masked violent thugs who delight in assaulting innocent people and destroying property.”

The problem with that assertion is not in its description of the storm-troop mentality and the consequently outrageous behaviour of the hoodlums…



…but the suggestion that the evil in Antifa  is limited to its core.

Antifa is entirely rotten, not only at its core but in its entirety.

And it’s nothing new.

Anyone who went to university in the Sixties – certainly in the UK, where I was a student, but, I suspect, in North America too – will remember the so-called ‘No Platform’ censorship movement, not something restricted to fringe marxist cliques but fully endorsed by the official representative student organisation, the National Union of  Students.


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Not only was anyone deemed ‘far-right’ to be denied the right to speak but even denied the right to stand for election to NUS office.

And despite continuous opposition from students who understand that democracy requires all opinions to be heard and debated, that intolerant policy is still in place today.

One NUS ratbag even ordered fellow-students to ban a speaker, with these ominous words –

“…if any students are hurt in and around this event responsibility will lie with you..”

– and that wasn’t in the ‘revolutionary’ Sixties, but just a couple of years ago!

What made the 1960s adoption of ‘No Platform’ most outlandish was the composition of  the NUS leadership back then. Most of those who said ‘fascists and racists’ had to be silenced were in fact active in parties utterly hostile to freedom.

The nearest thing to ‘moderates’ then were leftist Labour Party members (some of whom rose to high government office) but Communists were riding high.



At least one activist in the CPGB, Digby Jacks, became NUS President – yes, a leading light of the Communist Party, which had acted as the handmaiden of a foreign totalitarian power since its foundation…


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Violence cannot be a principle that we oppose or support. It is a tactic, a tool that can be used by anyone. In order to be for or against a tactic, we need to examine who is using it and, most importantly, to what end….

What do socialists say about violence? – Socialist Worker

…and Trotskyists,the Socialist Workers’ Party, who openly despised British democracy, abounded.

Like Jeremy Corbyn, they were fans of the Sinn Fein/IRA murder gang. SWP was in fact simply a new name for the group known previously as IS (International Socialism Group) –

IS’s position was always one of unconditional support for the IRA in the struggle against imperialism..”

So the readiness of the far-left – the cultural marxists – to resort to vicious violence when they – as they invariably do – lack the wit or the courage to defeat nationalists or conservatives in free and fair debate is nothing new.



What is new is the eager embrace of people in the media and major political parties to excuse these scum, exalt their violence even, as a means of suppressing opposition to the multicult agenda.

We saw it in the USA, with the disgraceful RINO bleating…

McCain claimed they were simply “Americans standing up to defy hate and bigotry.”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign spokesman attempted to legitimize Antifa, comparing these masked radicals to Allied soldiers who fought against the Nazis during WWII.

And we know that Turdo, who took such strong exception to alien barbaric practices being called barbaric practices…


Turdistanada Nixes Condemnation Of Barbaric Practices! 

…is of a like mind to those guilty of such pathetic pronouncements.

If the problem had been tackled back when it surfaced, the nasty elements expelled from universities and those convicted given meaningful sentences by courts, it might have been stamped out.

Unfortunately, ‘occupations’ by uppity undergrads of college property were usually allowed to go unpunished, as a rule. Much as the ‘Occupy’ movement, a year or so back…

‘Occupy’ Vagrants Cling on in Glasgow, Crime Rampant in US Counterparts 

Proof Positive – OCCUPY is What We Knew It Was! 

…. was not dealt with promptly and forcefully, by armed police with clear authorisation, where necessary, to use lethal force against the filthy savages.

Politicians like Scheer in Canada have made noises about free speech, but shown little appetite for putting their words into action, double standards on display on the media…


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Scheer says he’ll reject interviews with The Rebel until it changes 

…and the right of ALL Canadians to demonstrate peacefully…

Take away federal funding if universities don’t protect free speech ..

Brave words, but what a difference a few months were to make!

Conservative leader’s free speech pledge wouldn’t apply in U of T ...

No wonder the cowardly Red Nazis of Antifa, hiding behind their masks…


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….are emboldened to extend their onslaught on the foundations of Canadian democracy!

Who’s next?

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