IRA and ILA – Old And New Threats To British Ulster!

We know that Sinn Fein/IRA has always had as its goal the denial of self-determination to the British people of Ulster and the destruction of the United Kingdom.



Annexation by Eire is the objective.

Until that goal is achieved, they’ll use one tool after another to promote their disloyal intent.

In the past, it was wholesale slaughter…



…and today it’s of tremendous importance that mainland Brits appreciate what Blood-Beast Adams and his SF/IRA comrades are up to with their current ‘Irish Language Act’ agitation.

Jim Alister’s TUV has produced an excellent guide to the realities of ILA, which illustrates very well how it’s a strategy in keeping with the evil old IRA’s ideology.

Here’s an extract from one of the TUV’s attachments, but I recommend you look very carefully at each of them.


Sinn Fein’s demands for an Irish Language Act
lie at the heart of its culture war against all things British
Northern Ireland already provides Irish medium schooling at a cost of over £20m per year. An Irish medium school has even been opened with just 12 pupils. You couldn’t do that with an English language school.
We already have a lavishly funded North-South body with executive powers to promote Irish.
Irish street signage is already facilitated where there is local demand.
Those who demand to use Irish all fluently speak English.
A Long Standing Demand of Militant Republicans
“Culturally we would hope to restore Gaelic, not from the motivation of national chauvinism but from the viewpoint of achieving with the aid of a cultural revival the distinctive new Irish Socialist State:as a Bulwark against imperialist encroachments from whatever quarter.”
Busting the Equality Myth
In the IRA Green Book, the bible of the terror group, they say:
It’s time to say ‘Enough is Enough’ and reject the demand for an Irish Language Act.
It must be resisted under any guise, including the
deception that Ulster Scots could also be advanced.
What can I do?
Email your opposition to any Irish language legislation, however presented, to Mrs Arlene Foster:


Irish Language Act –
What would it mean?
Irish to be an official language in Northern Ireland on a par with English
The right to have court proceedings conducted in Irish
Affirmative action in favour of Irish speakers in recruitment to the Civil Service and other public bodies
Road signs to have the Irish content on a par with English
The creation of Gaeltacht areas in Northern Ireland
An Irish Language Commissioner to advance the language and insist public bodies promote it with a newly created of refusing or failing to co-operate with the work of the Irish Language Commissioner.
What Does that Mean for Me?
Discrimination against non-Irish Speakers when it comes to
employment, particularly in the legal profession and the civil service.
Huge cost in providing a fully bilingual public service with endless and needless expenditure on translation in courts, councils and Assembly.
Alienation – Sinn Fein once described every word spoken in Irish as “another bullet in the freedom struggle”. We know they want to “break the b*******”.