Fight On, Brave Magyars, Against ECJ's Robed Rats!

And there are British Remoaners who want to continue the European Court of Justice’s interference in UK affairs?




And even madder after the ECJ’s arrogant diktat demanding sovereign states bow down to the Euro-Commissars’  crimmigrant quotas.



Merkel invited the bludgers in – she should carry the can!

If Germans don’t appreciate the consequent cost to their public purse, they can act to fix the problem in just two weeks time…

…by voting the evil bitch out of office.

But that seems, inexplicably, unlikely.

So what are Hungary and the other victims of the robed clowns’ ruling to do, about what their Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto condemned as the “rape of European law and values…”

Poles, Czechs and Slovaks should band together in organising strategies to resist this outrageous imposition.

  • Paradoxically, the ever pro-crimmigrant BBC included one clue to how resistance might be effected.

Any EU country that accepts relocations from Italy and Greece also has the chance to screen them, and can reject them and deport them later if it finds security reasons to do so.



Hasil gambar untuk security vetting


What’s required is strict vetting.

Just as, during the Cold War, America did all it could to ensure that Communists were barred from getting into the country, so nowadays, facing a different ideological enemy…



…sensible European governments should interrogate every would-be ‘asylum-seeker’ with a view to weeding out undesirables.

First simple question – do you understand that Hungarian (or polish etc.) law is the only law that applies in Hungary.

Any migrant who suggests that shariah law has any place in Europe should be instantly vetoed and interned until deportation can be actioned.

More detailed questions might include –

Do you repudiate the pernicious doctrine which incites people to offer violence to to ‘blasphemers’ and ‘apostates?’



Other enquiries might encompass issues like FGM and polygamy.



Those not prepared openly to denounce such barbaric practices should never be allowed into any civilised land.

As we have noted before, naturally some, a lot, perhaps, will feel free to lie, taqqiya-style. Professional police interrogators ought to be able to get through that smoke-screen…




…but if unwholesome elements do make it through, then careful monitoring for the rest of their lives will surely catch them out.

Brits, of course, should express solidarity with the East and Central European nations.



But first and foremost, all patriots within the United Kingdom MUST redouble their efforts to break totally with Brussels, strengthened in their determination by this evil edict.