Mr. Mohamed, The Moroccan, Tells The Truth!

We recently made mention of a good migrant named Toni, of Nigerian origins but a keen active member of the Italian patriot party, the Lega Nord.

‘Migrant’ Riots – Black Italian Patriot Exposes Lying Media! 

He said he had a low opinion of the Italian media, which, from his description, seems to be as lousy and leftist as CNN, the BBC the ABC and the CBC in our English-speaking countries.



But at least one Italian newspaper is way more honest than at least one part of the English-language European media.

Read on….then contact The Local…and…



On Monday this week, that interesting medium The Leftal, sorry, The Local, reported on the rape-gang suspects detained in Northern Italy.

Two other members of the gang, who are brothers aged 15 and 17, handed themselves into police in connection with the rapes on Saturday. Their father told the local paper Il Resto del Carlino he had recognized his sons in CCTV images shared by police, and told them to report themselves.

Shortly afterwards, a third suspect aged 16 was detained in a nearby town.

The three minors were previously known to police, but due to their age they are being held in a juvenile detention centre and their names have not been released.



Stupid rules, but not unique to Italy. One hopes if they are duly convicted, they will be named and shamed.

At least we know we’re dealing with scumbags, clearly, known to the cops and now facing justice – but NOT A WORD about whether or not they’re Italian or…SOMETHING ELSE! else.

It’s not till the very end of that ‘Local’ report that the reporter feels obliged to record a highly pertinent detail about one of those arrested.

The 20-year-old arrested on Sunday has been identified as a Congolese national who arrived in Italy as an asylum seeker in 2015. Following the rejection of his request for asylum, he was granted permission to stay in Italy until 2018 on humanitarian grounds, according to Italian media reports.

Yes, we have mentioned this before – Shut The Door, They’re Coming In The Windows! Suicidal Italy!  – but bad as it is, the guilt of the Italian Government, allowing savages to blight the landscape for no good reason…

…what are we to make of The Local’s shameless omission of the information that was revealed in the Italian media.

And not just ANY Italian media, but the very paper –  Il Resto del Carlino  – which The Local hacks themselves used as their source for the story.

Il Resto del Carlino gives us the full story, with photos…



…AND quotes the father of two of the ratbags, a Mr. Mohamed, from Morocco!

“He told me he was with his brother, the other my 15-year-old son, and two other friends, a Nigerian and a Congolese, in Rimini.”

One 20-year-0ld Congolese, one Nigerian and two Moroccans. Undesirable alien ‘minors!’

I’m sure Amber Rudd would have let them into Britain, had they been in Calais and not in Northern Italy.



Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 

Mind you, in fairness to ‘Orrible Amber, these poor little desperate undesirables WERE – so they claim- young enough to qualify for her free pass, albeit, so they admit, in the Italian newspaper…



…old enough to participate in grave sexual assaults on their victims.


PS – The Italian newspaper provides an automatic translation service if you use that link