Italy’s Lying Crimmigrants Exposed!

We wrote a week or two ago about crimmigrant savages in Rome…

Italian Law Enforced? UN Shrills For Illegals! 

..and it’s important, when we have time, to do the occasional follow-up on some of these posts of ours.


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Being a lazy day, only out for a bite to eat at the warteg earlier, I had a look around the worldwide web and found this on Voice of America, which is hardly a conservative sector of the media.

Their report confirms that the cops evicted more than a hundred Eritreans and Ethiopians from an abandoned office building near Rome’s central railway station.

Unfortunately, being of a liberal persuasion, it fails to mention the wanton violence to which the savages resorted in their efforts to continue their illegal occupation of other people’s – honest Italian people’s – property.

But importantly, it did reveal how absolutely dishonest these ingrate swine really are.



The occupants…complained that Italy doesn’t help asylum-seekers integrate, fails to house them and provide language classes.



In fact, the Italian authorities do, housing many in villages across the country, providing months-long language tuition and up to 45 euros a day per refugee.

So there you go!

Not just louts, not just lawless, not just violent…but liars too!

And near enough FIFTY BUCKS a day for doing SOD ALL – except whine!

And there’s more, explaining that many refugees bolt the system, preferring to live in large cities such as Rome, Naples, Milan and Bologna and to try their luck.

Yes, and we know what happens in some of those cities, what happens to Italian women, of all ages.


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  • And although we may tend to discount the distinction drawn between those who have allegedly been vetted and had their claims to ‘asylum’ approved and those who have not, please note that according to VoA, the ingrate savages in the report are individuals who – wait for it – had been given refugee status!

  • Well now, is that not food for thought?

  • They’ve been approved as suitable people to take their place in civilised European society, yet no sooner has that happened than they show gross disrespect for the law of the land that has been so ill-advised to admit them!

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  • Time, surely, for Italy to UN-approve the brutes and send them packing, back to whence they brought their arrogance, violence and uppity ingratitude!