John Lewis Clothing Clown Panders To Misfits!

Who’s this pinko wack-job?

Caroline Bettis


It’s none other than John Lewis’s ‘Head of Childrenswear,’ Caroline Bettis, who is the ‘brains’ behind the dimwit decision to stop labelling boys’ clothes for ‘boys’ and girls-wear for ‘girls.’

We can’t see from her photo what she’s wearing, so it may be that she’s clad in garb that might “reinforce gender stereotypes” –  that heinous tradition of skirts and dresses being regarded as suitable for girls and not for boys.

Yet I suspect she does not usually show up for work in a tweed suit and hob-nailed boots!

I’d add ‘smoking a pipe,’ but given current persecution of smokers back in The Old Country, even transvestites would be in trouble for that transgression!


Next season’s John Lewis models?


Ms. Bettis’ parents very likely brought her up to understand that girls should dress in a feminine way and that putting boys into women’s clothing is unwholesome and risks maladjustment.

There are surely enough sexual misfits in the UK already, in May’s Cabinet for starters!

Theresa’s Lesbian Warns Churches – Bow To Gaystapo Diktats! 

Obviously this woman should be fired, or at least demoted to some low-level job, such as that of toilet attendant…


Gambar terkait


…although given her peculiar mentality, she might start directing ‘transgender’ male freaks into the ladies’ room and vice-versa.

Or just have one big bog for everyone!

John Lewis has a Facebook page which ought to be targetted for comments by normal people who prefer that children understand that they are not all of one sex.

And there’s an online form to use for complaints.

But it seems pointless to complain if you continue to shop at a business that hires such hopeless help.


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