Now Romania -Is ANY Country Plague-Free?

Romania’s coastguard says it has intercepted a fishing vessel carrying 87 migrants in the Black Sea that was sailing toward the Romanian coast….

Romanian coastguard intercepts boat carrying 87 migrants

Please note, as you can see on the map, Romania’s coast is on its eastern side.

But illegal aliens guilty of incursions don’t tend to hang about.


Hasil gambar untuk romania


Timsoara is way out west, near the Hungarian border, and there..?.

The local police officers found a group of 15 migrants, which also included five minors, in the city’s Carmen Sylva Park on Thursday morning, August 31. All of them said they were from Iraq, but had no identification documents on them. 

Nearly 30 migrants found in Western Romania city parks

So it’s not just the Belgians  –  Infestation- An Illegal Camp Sprouts In Brussels! – who have their parks polluted with crimmigrant parasites!

And last month?

Another batch  –most of them were asylum seekers in Romania who were trying to get out of Romania illegally as they wanted to get to a country in the Schengen Area...

Let’s just examine those words asylum seekers for a moment.

One seeks ‘asylum‘ from somewhere. Asylum-seekers is not, or at least shouldn’t be, a synonym for country-shoppers…



…skipping gaily through one border after another, until you find an earthly paradise where you can stick your dirty lying snout into the deepest welfare trough you can find.



Real asylum-seekers would kiss the ground of the first free nation they reach…IF there was an iota of truth in their claim to be fleeing terrors and horrors.

But of course they’re not.

If they were, they’d stop fleeing when no horrors and terrors beset them.



What Romania has got is a plague of mendacious moochers, who should be given a boot on the backside, locked up…



…and then kicked out, BACK to whence they came.