Vindaloo Boo-Hoo! It’s ‘Unfair’ To Enforce UK Law?

Immigration officers visited Tayyabs on 25 August, “acting on intelligence”, according to the Home Office.


Gambar terkait

They arrested six Pakistani nationals, five of whom were detained ahead of removal from the UK, while a sixth was required to report regularly to immigration authorities.

So no less than five illegals scooped up in one raid on one London curry resto in one day?

Not bad, most of us would say.



But not all of us say that.

Curry house immigration raids ‘unfair’, say restaurant owners

I declare an interest.

I like curry.

Last evening last week I enjoyed a very large helping of excellent curry in Kemang, South Jakarta, in one of the many eateries (and drinkeries!) where British and other expats go to seek that succulent cuisine that originates from the Indian Sub-Continent.


Gambar terkait

Rock on,Tommy!


But the fact that lots of Brits like to eat lots of spicy Asian food should be irrelevant to the enforcement of British immigration laws.

It’s not as if that one hot-spot in  the UK is a one-off.

Other raids have resulted in arrests and heavy fines this year on restaurants as far apart as Kent and North Yorkshire, and the permanent closure recently of one in Twickenham.

So it’s a nationwide problem?

Then there’s nothing remotely ‘unfair’ about raids that result in the detention and deportation of illegals.

What is glaringly unfair is the restaurateurs’ evidently common practice of flouting the law.

If fish n chip shops were perceived to be operating with similar disregard for legality, no doubt they’d be targetted as well.

I have no time for that most unappetising individual, Home Secretary Amber Rudd…


Arrest Amber RuddCalais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 

…but the case for action quoted from the statement statement issued by her Ministry is irrefutable.

Using illegal labour is not victimless. It cheats the taxpayer, undercuts honest businesses and cheats legitimate jobseekers of employment opportunities.

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We are happy to work with businesses to ensure the right pre-employment checks are carried out, but we take robust action against employers who deliberately flout the rules…




All these whining employers have to do to avoid trouble is recruit staff who are entitled to live and work in the United Kingdom!