Disaster Depredations? Shoot The Looters!

I saw the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale on DWTV last night.

I spent part of a vacation there some years ago and liked the place, so I was paying attention when he said that his city was not about to ‘tolerate’ looting.

The link below gives you a video view of some of the anti-social filth.


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Looters caught by Local 10 cameras arrested 


But then he added that a number of the scum had been apprehended and were now behind bars.

  • As far as I can tell, there’s only one been shot so far, and that was in Broward County.

And it seems the swine that got shot survived, with non-life threatening injuries, worse luck!


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Frankly, in my view, it would be better if the Mayor, and every mayor in towns the hurricane hit, had arranged with his Chief of Police to authorise every cop to open fire on any and every feral brute…


….found preying on fellow-citizens in time of disaster, with a clear understanding that there’d not be any repercussions if the police officers happened to inflict life-terminating injuries!


Looters are lower than snakes’ bellies.

Who needs ’em?